Chloé and Kilari

Arnaud and Anais

Jean-Marie and Maurice

Andreï Feher, Artistic Director, Kitchener-Warterloo Symphony

2008 Graduate

The role that JFP has played in my life is enormous. My fondest memories come from those years. Making music with friends was incredibly rewarding. We spent a lot of time outside of academic classes playing and singing 3 nights a week and it motivated me to listen to more music and to become curious with the teachers we had. I also can’t forget the 2 European tours with the orchestra in 2006 and 2008 which were above all social experiences and adventures filled with happiness and music. It was at the school that I had my first experiences of conducting with all the ensembles and it opened a door that I did not know before.I thank all the teachers who guided me and helped me develop my curiosity and love for music.

Andreï Feher

Vincent-Kim, actor

2009 Graduate

The experiences at JFP, the accumulation of these experiences represent an important background in the classical music world. I came out of JFP with a concrete experience in many fields but especially in music, which I felt was true and which still follows me today. Music is still a part of my life and there is a sense of pride in coming from this school. You don’t realize how many people working in the arts have studied at JFP, a school that is still in the public sector and does miracles with its resources.

Photo : Marie-Andrée Lemire

Hugues Tremblay, timpanist of the Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal

1992 Graduate

My days at Joseph-François-Perrault School may have been one of the most defining periods of my life in general. Not only did I learn my trade in the best music school in Quebec at the high school level, with remarkable teachers, but I also met some of the most important people in my life. It was a great setting for personal and social development.

Hugues Tremblay

Sarah-Aude Lavigne, DPJ worker

Former student

JFP represents an exposure to diversity. During my career, there have been many opportunities to deal with diversity in school and this has allowed me to build my openness to others, which is very important in my current career.

Sarah-Aude Lavigne
Photo : Marie-Andrée Lemire

Mylène Lefebvre, High school specialized educator

Former student

It is definitely a source of pride to say that you have graduated from a specialized high school that is recognized throughout Quebec. The role that JFP taught me is what will stay with me for the rest of my life, because it is what allowed me to develop as a musician. I have grown through this journey.

Mylène Lefebvre
Photo : Marie-Andrée Lemire

Wolf Thyma, medical student resident

2011 Graduate

I have always said to anyone who would listen that my time at JFP has contributed to the person I am today. I use the words determination, passion and surpassing oneself and these values that were instilled in me at JFP have allowed me to realize the projects of the last few years. We can therefore say that JFP is part of my identity.

Wolf Thyma
Photo : Marie-Andrée Lemire

Julie Deschênes, Music teacher – École Joseph-François-Perrault

1988 Graduate

It has been almost 40 years since I was welcomed to the Joseph-François-Perrault music program by Mrs. Renée Beaumier. The musical experiences of all kinds and the training I received there gave me the desire to share with other teenagers, like me, the unforgettable experiences and beautiful years spent at JFP. My career plan was therefore oriented towards music and teaching. It is now my turn to welcome and train newcomers in strings at JFP for 27 years now. Thank you Renée, thank you JFP for all these beautiful years full of richness and music!

Julie Deschênes

Amina Myriam Tébini, former student

violist, codirector of CASSIOPÉE

For me, JFP will always remain a place for encounters, opportunities and experiments! I am proud and grateful to be part of this community of friends, colleagues, mentors and students who still follow and support me in my artistic endeavors.

Amina Myriam Tébini
Photo : Marie-Andrée Lemire

Marianne Cantin, former student

Music teacher – École Joseph-François-Perrault

More than 20 years ago, a teenager, not overly well behaved, had a moment of revelation. Exceptional people gave her a message, a life path, a passion. Not only did she discover art, a very personal way of communicating, but also a feeling of belonging and a love of school. She even had the desire to get up and go to school, which is not always obvious in teenagers who are not too well behaved. 20 years later, a young woman has the desire to get up every morning to communicate her passion and hopes and to become an exceptional mentor for teenagers, well behaved or not. Joseph-François-Perrault is much more than an educational institution to me. The influence of such a program is much more than academic, it is human. Thank you.

Marianne Cantin