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14 June 2021


Story by Catherine Richer – Instrument donation to JFP (Evenko Donation) – in French

14 June 2021

L’initiative | Arnaud Soly on a virtual visit to his high school

Arnaud Soly on a virtual visit to his high school – Joseph-François-Perrault in the St-Michel district – to donate $30,000 in musical instruments (Evenko Donation) – in French

14 June 2021

Broadway World

Arnaud Soly Makes A Virtual Visit To His High School To Give $30,000 In Musical Instruments (Evenko Donation)

14 June 2021


Arnaud Soly and the Evenko Foundation donate $30,000 worth of instruments to a school – in French

30 November 2020

La Presse | Lighting the passion

The gratitude of the trombonist (interview of Laurence Lafond-Beaulne and Éric Levasseur) – in French

5 November 2020

OSM Web site | Interview with Thomas Le Duc-Moreau, Assistant Conductor of the OSM

“When I was at Joseph-François-Perrault, I had the chance to tour France three times for more than three weeks… and practically all of these tours were paid for by the Music Program Foundation! I developed a great sense of responsibility […] At Joseph-François-Perrault, we played the last concert of the tour practically without our scores, because we knew the pieces so well.”

11 September 2019

Le Devoir | Ballet Opera Pantomime’s “Le vaisseau-cœur (heart-ship)”: with a heart this big!  – in French

But this new project, Le vaisseau-coeur, goes further. It touches us deeply, viscerally, because the heroines of this well thought-out and well-crafted show are 25 young girls from the Joseph-François-Perrault school who carry it on their shoulders.

Here is a project that impresses us, but that will mark them for life. Engaged in the adventure on a voluntary basis, outside of any school program, they have memorized Poulenc and Messiaen, plus the gestures, movements and staging, while ensuring a vocal quality and intonation in formidable works. Such an accomplishment is deeply moving.

10 September 2019

Radio-Canada | Tout un Matin

Story by Eugénie Lépine-Blondeau about the Vaisseau-Cœur – in French

7 September 2019

Le Devoir

BOP, the youthful bet of Bourgie Hall (Bourgie Hall opens its season on Tuesday with Le vaisseau-coeur, a multidisciplinary show entrusted to the company Ballet Opéra Pantomime (BOP) which will bring together 50 musicians, including I Musici and a choir of students from the Joseph-François-Perrault school, under the direction of Hubert Tanguay-Labrosse) – in French

6 September 2019

La Presse

And the vaisseau-cœur sails (article on the Ballet opera pantomime – mention JFP) – in French

28 May 2019

Winners of the student architectural competition for the Joseph-François Perrault School Music House – in French

9 May 2019

Le Devoir | Lettre d’opinion de Michel Gay

Formidable jeunesse (on the May 3, 2019 concert at the Maison symphonique de Montréal) – in French

10 May 2018

Le Devoir

The Joseph-François-Perrault school students’ heartfelt words (about the need to have access to adequate facilities).

9 May 2018

La Presse | Concert for Joseph-François-Perrault School

Joseph-François-Perrault is a musically oriented high school located in the Saint-Michel district. On Friday, renowned alumni (Milk & Bone, Dear Criminals, Ariane Moffatt, Martine St-Clair, Pierre Lapointe) will come together to present a benefit concert at the Maison symphonique.

3 May 2018

Ludwig van Montréal | Grand concert JFP : for the future  of the world – in French

What do Martine St-Clair, Alain Trudel, Jean Marie Zeitouni and Frannie Holder from Dear Criminal and Random Recipe have in common? They all work in music, in the most varied styles. And they all attended a unique place in Montreal, in the heart of the Saint-Michel district: the Joseph-François-Perrault school (JFP)!

1 May 2018

Petition to the Minister of Education, Recreation and Sports for the expansion of Joseph-François-Perrault School and the construction of a concert hall – in French

1 October 2017

Ludwig van Montréal | Vies en musique

Profile of Claude Arnold Thibault, retired teacher from Joseph-François-Perrault: “The important thing is to be happy”.

19 December 2016 | Holiday show at Notre-Dame Basilica

Symphonic tale Les Mages

5 March 2015

Le Journal de Montréal | Bravissimo

Selected for a prestigious music festival, the Joseph-François-Perrault High School Symphony Orchestra performed on the legendary stage of Carnegie Hall in New York City. Bravissimo! – in French

2 March 2015

Radio-Canada | Montreal students at Carnegie Hall: after the concert, the euphoria

Article on the experience of JFP students at the prestigious Carnegie Hall in New York – in French

3 February 2015

La Presse | From the Classroom to Carnegie Hall – in Fench

10 June 2014

Radio-Canada Info | At the service of music

The Orchestre métropolitain de Montréal will give a concert to raise funds for the Joseph-François-Perrault public school’s music program, which is struggling to find money for a concert hall. – in French

9 September 2013

YouTube | JFP Musique channel

The Orchestre Métropolitain and École Joseph-François-Perrault: an electrifying collaboration! – in French
It energizes me, what do you want. to come and see this youth who is thirsty to play the orchestra and who likes to play the orchestra“. – Yannick Nézet-Séguin

11 March 2013

YouTube | Orchestre Métropolitain’S Channel

Yannick Nézet-Séguin conducts a rehearsal of the Joseph-François-Perrault Symphony Orchestra – in French