Story by Catherine Richer – Instrument donation to JFP (Evenko Donation) – in French

Arnaud Soly on a virtual visit to his high school – Joseph-François-Perrault in the St-Michel district – to donate $30,000 in musical instruments (Evenko Donation) – in French

Arnaud Soly Makes A Virtual Visit To His High School To Give $30,000 In Musical Instruments (Evenko Donation)

Arnaud Soly and the Evenko Foundation donate $30,000 worth of instruments to a school – in French

The gratitude of the trombonist (interview of Laurence Lafond-Beaulne and Éric Levasseur) – in French

“When I was at Joseph-François-Perrault, I had the chance to tour France three times for more than three weeks… and practically all of these tours were paid for by the Music Program Foundation! I developed a great sense of responsibility […] At Joseph-François-Perrault, we played the last concert of the tour practically without our scores, because we knew the pieces so well.”

But this new project, Le vaisseau-coeur, goes further. It touches us deeply, viscerally, because the heroines of this well thought-out and well-crafted show are 25 young girls from the Joseph-François-Perrault school who carry it on their shoulders.

Here is a project that impresses us, but that will mark them for life. Engaged in the adventure on a voluntary basis, outside of any school program, they have memorized Poulenc and Messiaen, plus the gestures, movements and staging, while ensuring a vocal quality and intonation in formidable works. Such an accomplishment is deeply moving.

Story by Eugénie Lépine-Blondeau about the Vaisseau-Cœur – in French

BOP, the youthful bet of Bourgie Hall (Bourgie Hall opens its season on Tuesday with Le vaisseau-coeur, a multidisciplinary show entrusted to the company Ballet Opéra Pantomime (BOP) which will bring together 50 musicians, including I Musici and a choir of students from the Joseph-François-Perrault school, under the direction of Hubert Tanguay-Labrosse) – in French

And the vaisseau-cœur sails (article on the Ballet opera pantomime – mention JFP) – in French